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Rain, Rain Go Away...


21st of January

Fortunately not suffering from any jet lag, l was able to explore bits and pieces of San Francisco the day after my arrival. But this meant that l was going to get soaked. So Allie and l layered up for the days adventures and made our way down Suttock towards Chinatown. For some reason l totally forgot that San Fran was pretty much built on a hill, so what would normally be a straight forward walk turned into Allie and l navigating the steep slippery slopes until we finally made it to the overcrowded Chinatown District of San Fran. Due to the constant downpour, we decided to briskly walk towards North Beach (little Italy) to grab a feed and get out of the rain.

Not being particularly picky we decided to go and eat at the cozy Pantarae. Walking through the rain really brought out our appetites, so it wasn't long at all before we ate through our pasta and lasagna. Conveniently, the rain stopped around the same time that we finished, so with our bellies full we made our way back to Union square. On our way back Allie decided that we should take a shortcut through the a tunnel to dodge some of the more annoying slopes of the city. As we walked through the tunnel l began to notice that none of my clothing including shoes were really up to standard with the constant down pour that was randomly occurring San Fran (longest period of rain that SF has had in years). So Allie being somewhat of a shoe lover dragged me from my current course and into a shoe store.

Shoes bought we were again hungry, so we raced back to our room, got changed and flagged down a taxi. We had decided upon a little pizzeria on Divisadero. Little Star, a deep pan pizzeria, was tucked away between larger buildings of the city and was renowned for its tasty pizzas. Little did they know they had a pizza snob in their midst...me. But there was little to worry about due to the chefs cooked a delicious pizza and the little pizzeria is definitely a place worthwhile of revisiting.

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Best spent $1300 ever

rain 13 °C

So it finally happened. The day l leave the summer warmth of Australia to travel 13 hours until l embrace myself in the warm and loving arms of my girlfriend. The past 6 months had been have been difficult in a way, there were visa disasters and money needed to be earned, but we have been up to the challenge and thanks to the help of skype we managed to stay in touch daily. So l said my goodbyes to my more than caring family and took the first steps to 5 months of new adventure.

Weeks before l had even stepped foot into the airport and had been paranoid over American customs and not actually being allowed into the country. But ironically, the Australian customs were a lot more full on then what l was welcomed with when l stepped off the plane.

Now, l would be lying if l said l hadn't thought of Allie's and my reuniting kiss. So as l walked out of customs, around the bend and out the doorway l was welcomed by... a bunch of strange faces and a empty corridor. Now, l knew Allie wouldn't bail on me, so as l looked around l noticed that there was another exit and as luck may have it l found her staring up at a tv screen showing all the different passengers coming through customs. Being my awkward self l tapped her on the shoulder and the only thing to come out of my mouth was "Boo", wtf.

l had been told by past San Franciscan travelers that a place l needed to eat at was In N Out. So, before we took the turn off into San Fran we headed to the famous burger place. Not normally being a big fast food burger fan, l quickly realised that this was no ordinary burger. Tasty was a definite understatement and if l hadn't just got of a plane l would have most definitely bought seconds. Burgers sitting well in our stomachs we made our way into San Francisco and up the winding road to the top of Twin Peaks (overlooks San Francisco).

l had been previously warned that San Fran had been experiencing and was expecting severe storms during the first couple of days after my arrival. But until this point it had only been overcast. l definitely should of tapped on some sort of wood. Standing atop of twin peaks, the rain started without any warning and quickly became torrential. Talk about an interesting welcome to the states. Because it was such a windy road down Twin Peaks and the rain was so heavy we were stuck the for nearly 20 minutes. But, as the quickly as the rain came it started to ease and we made our way to Hotel Carlton in the Nob Hill district.

Bags dropped off, we made our way into Union Square so that l could get some bearings before exploring the next day. Thankfully Allie's parents had bought me a waterproof jacket as l truly would have been up the creek in my sponge-like Billabong jumper. Sick off being stuck in the rain we decided to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory just above Macy's. Not normally understanding why it was necessary to tip at restaurants, l quickly realised that you want to due to the incredible service. l have eaten a lot of fish in my 20 years on this Earth but this tuna dish that l choose could we of been the best fish dish l have ever eaten. Amazing. After the Entree's (main for us aussies) we decided to get a slice of red velvet cheesecake, as it would be stupid to go to a cheesecake factory and not eat any cheesecake. l'm not normally a big fan of cheesecake but this was something else. lt a pity that Allie and l were already full and couldn't manage to finish it all.

And that was my first day in America. One of the best things about it was that l wasn't bothered by jetlag.

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